Uncover Your Story, Discover Your Truth

Sometimes, we need to get stuck in life so we can uncover who we are and discover who we're meant to be.

Check out this excerpt from Wendy Leask's Memoir and Self-Discovery Workbook:

Just Jaylyn:

Uncover Your Story, Discover Your Truth - How to unstick your stuck and build a foundation for conscious living

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just an intro

Have you ever made a mistake and then failed to learn the lesson? Maybe even got stuck in a repetitive loop or pattern of missed opportunities?

The universe gives us many opportunities to learn the lessons but we miss most of them. It's only in hindsight that we can see how one decision or one choice could have changed everything. It's only in hindsight that we see the patterns of our storied moments and the impact they've had on our lives to-date and the impact they'll continue to have well into our futures, if we choose not to intervene.

I don't say this with regret. I say it with wide-eyed wonder and respect for the journey we've all been sent upon. It's not a solitary journey or an isolated path. Our relationships with others are what allow us to see reflections of our true direction.

Are you listening? Are you seeing the clues? Are you allowing them to resonate?

Sometimes when things are obvious, they're not so obvious. Especially when you're stuck in your own personal shame spirallike I was. Or when you've set your course on autopilot only to be blindsided by the truth later—like I was.

It's difficult to listen and see "what is" when we're feeling insignificant and small or when we've unwittingly allowed ourselves to believe, "It couldn't possibly happen to me. I'm the exception." Damn that ego.

But it can happen and it does. It did.

How do we move past the mistakes without losing the lesson or getting stuck in a vicious, ego-blinding pity party?

Based on my own significant story, which I share in Part I of just jaylyn, I was inspired to create my own strategy to do just that—"unstick my stuck" and move toward greater clarity, confidence and compassion. I'll share more of this strategy with you in Part II: The Storied P.A.T.T.E.R.N.S Process.

Let's face it. Our perceptions of our stories might shape our reality, but our patterns reveal the truth. Patterns appear in way more than the upholstery of our sofas. They're in our words, our relationships, our choices, our reactions, our environment—they're shaping our lives! They've made us who we are today, and they're determining who and where we'll be tomorrow. Isn't that worth at least some consideration?

I'm not a psychology expert, but I am an expert in my own life. A learner. A researcher. A dedicated ambassador for change and transformation. I'm hoping that because I was able to find my way out using the story patterns of my life, I will be able to help you find your way out too.

This book builds on my beliefs—

•     Our Life Story and patterned experiences are the ultimate lever for unlocking our potential in a way and on a level we’ve probably never dared to dream.

•     We can crush that wall or leap that plateau to achieve our definition of abundance and greater personal success.

•     We are experts in our own lives, worthy of trust and respect.

•     We can develop the confidence needed to embrace change and create positive momentum—“unstick our stuck.”

•     We are here to make a difference in this world and the best way to do that is with our Stories.


This is your Awakening.

Just Jaylyn is a must-read non-fiction title for anyone who has ever suffered in their romantic relationships and found themselves perpetually grieving the experience. Reclaim your personal power after relationship heartbreak.

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Wendy Leask is a 2nd generation Canadian

She is a graduate with multiple degrees from the University of Ottawa, where she studied English, Psychology, Philosophy, Information Technology and Business (and many other subjects), while having and raising 3 young children.

An avid and life-long learner, she later discovered her passion for transpersonal psychology, and went on to complete her Project Management Professional (PMP) designation, Life Coaching, Reiki II and NLP Master Practitioner Certifications and numerous spiritual/relationship/grief workshops. She is an author, writer, one of the "Founding Four" of the global movement, 22 Push-Ups Canada, which raises funds and awareness for veterans, first-responders, mental health and PTSD, and Founder of Empowered Abandonment/Find Your Missing Piece Workshops.

Empowered Abandonment (via Expert In My Own Life) is an educational platform and community offering insight and programs to help people build a healthier relationship with themselves and others.

Through the integration of shadow work, psychoeducation, and conscious communication tools, she continues to learn, mentor, and facilitate group sessions as a trauma-informed guide for those seeking to heal and return to a state of peace, connection, and safety in their lives.

Don't just go through it, grow through it because if heartache is universal, healing should be too.