Learn to find your story. Live to share your message. Light the way for others.



Abandonment. The crux of the human condition. A crisis of shame and disconnection. It's what makes heartbreak so painful and what's behind the turmoil and uncertainty of divorce. It's why separation arouses such intense anxiety and why losing a job, or a lover, causes our self-esteem to plummet. It's what complicates our grief when someone dies: we feel left behind. Its wounds lie deep and invisible, making it hard to let go...

That's abandonment. Always acting beneath the surface, spilling primal fear into moments of disconnection, disappointment, and loss. It generates feelings of insecurity and self-doubt when we attempt to love again.


Story Power

4 Success Principles for Life, Love and Letting Go

Most of us are still unconscious “women-in-between,” acted on by patterns from within and cultural stereotypes from without. Once we become aware of the forces that influence us – OUR STORIES – we gain the power that knowledge provides. We learn how to become better protagonists or "experts" in our own lives.  



If we want clarity about who we are, we need to consciously look to who we've been. We need to explore the moments in our lives to uncover our stories and our patterns.  

Who are you? 

What are your values? 

What are your defense mechanisms?

What are your limiting beliefs, silent expectations and unconscious legacy burdens?

How is your nervous system attuned...for safety or survival?



Joseph Campbell encouraged us to follow our bliss.

By consciously outlining our priorities and goals, and envisioning the person that would be able to achieve them, we're positioning ourselves to embrace change, create momentum and pursue our potential!

Whether we take small steps or big strides, whatever our style, it's the positive momentum we're focused on creating that builds confidence, grounded-ness, connection and safety. 

What's your end-game?



Every person, and all events in our lives are here because we’ve drawn them here. What we choose to do with them is up to us. When we recognize that empowerment comes via responsibility– owning our choices–healing and forgiveness becomes a question of purposeful direction...a softening, a soothing and an allowing...

We begin to appreciate our common humanity and recognize ourselves in others. We know that we're not alone.



Courage to live in congruence with who we believe we are (clarity), and where we believe we're going (confidence), while also responsibly pointing a gentle mirror on where we believe we've actually been (compassion). 

It's doing the shadow work necessary to process and integrate.

And, it's bridging the gaps so that we can generate the internal energy and emotional resources needed to transcend to a new level of safety, awareness, connection and understanding.


Learn to find your story

We'll get to the heart of your unique relationship triggers, emotional challenges and limiting beliefs. We'll identify ongoing self-defeating patterns and perspectives that are preventing you from achieving your goals of self-partnership, relationship abundance and personal success.

We'll also help you identify your emotions and feeling states, expand your feeling vocabulary and create a safe space for you to practice expressing yourself more fully. The reality is we can't heal what we can't feel, and we can't regulate what we can't recognize.

Live to share your message.

You'll learn how to embody your core values and enforce personal boundaries to build a foundation for healthy loving and conscious living. You'll learn to alter your internal narratives from "who I am" to "how I am" - shame to acceptance - negative to positive, to heal from the underlying wound of abandonment. You'll crush walls and push past plateaus with increased confidence and emotional literacy, gained by the completion or exploration of various emotional resources. You'll unstick your stuck!

Light the way for others.

Group work is often the missing piece in our healing journey. When we act as a witness for others, we validate their experience but we also have an opportunity to bypass our staunch cognitions and somatically shift our own. Much of what keeps us stuck are unprocessed and unintegrated emotional memories that linger in our bodies not in our heads. Somatic methods need to be applied. Listening to other stories that resonate is one of those confounding methods.

By living a life of integrity and congruence (heart (nervous system) & head alliance), you'll live and lead your life by example, encouraging and attracting others to elevate and unconsciously do the same (or get left behind). When we heal ourselves, we truly do heal the world around us.


"...like a true soldier, she covered her fire team partner. A wonderful person. Incredibly intelligent and military savvy. In my craziest and darkest times, she guided me along and ensured I made logical decisions. I’m a hell of a lot better and stronger after meeting her." ~ Daniel, Military

"From devastating hurt to hope and growth. A real path of self-discovery. I learned a lot about myself reading and working through her exercises. She will lead and teach you many, many unexpected lessons." ~ Barbara, Transition Consultant

"Wendy has truly provided me with a new perspective about how I see myself both physically and mentally. She helped me instill healthier habits that have benefited me in all areas of my life. She is an inspiration!" ~ Cindy, Photographer/Public Servant

"I absolutely loved her book! I was so shocked to discover I wasn’t alone. She verbalized many of the emotions I am currently experiencing. I can’t wait to dive into the exercises!" ~ Jody, Dental Hygenist

"Real. Raw. Powerful! Easy to read, digestible bites of insight for both men and women. I was so engrossed reading, I looped the train circuit twice to finish it. ~ Tuan, Entrepreneur Conscious Biz Dads


Hey! I'm Wendy,

...and it’s wonderful to meet you! I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  

Over the last several years, I’ve been on this incredible life journey, discovering that...  

NOTHING IN LIFE IS LINEAR! And no (wo)man is an island!  

How did I get here? A 2X university graduate once focused on business and the next financial opportunity, to retraining as a Trauma-Informed Facilitator, Empowerment Coach and NLP Master Practitioner so that I could help others reclaim their personal power after relationship heartbreak?  

A relationship gone wrong!

I discovered aspects of myself so contrary to who I believed I was, as well as, the world I believed I lived in, that it shattered something deep within me. I couldn’t just respond or transition to the next phase of my life like I was so often able to do. I couldn’t detach and bounce back.


Getting stuck forced me to stop and reflect, learn in a much deeper way than I’d ever done before. It opened my eyes to a world of infinite potential, possibility and personal growth. I didn’t want a repeat of the chaos that my life had become, despite the safety that it promised to provide. I wanted answers. I needed answers…even if that meant they weren’t the ones I initially set out to find. (check out my personal memoir and recovery/discovery plan in my book, Just Jaylyn: Uncover Your Story, Discover Your Truth - How to Unstick Your Stuck and Build A Foundation for Conscious Living)  


My dad was a successful entrepreneur and my mom was service-oriented, working in the realm of academia so my love for learning and service came honestly and my desire to succeed did too. They divorced when I was less than a year old, and while our single-parent family unit remained intact initially, my brothers later chose to relocate with my father, making me an only child. Whether it’s as a result or not, I grew up living a fairly autonomous and transient lifestyle. Between the ages of 5 and 18, kindergarten and high school graduation, I moved ten times and attended nine different schools. What many would describe as an unstable environment, I chose to define as dynamic. I chose to capitalize on its opportunities rather than dwell on its omissions. I chose to thrive.  

That reality set the stage for an intense appreciation of our unique stories (PEOPLE); discovery of a natural affinity to listen and feel unspoken patterns that weren’t visibly there for all to see (PASSION); and solidifying a belief in the importance of “doing the (shadow) work”, in seeking solutions not just band-aids. (PERSEVERANCE) But it also set the foundation for my downfall...or rather... break-through. I just didn’t know it back then.  

Today, I’m many things: a mom, a self-partner, an author, a writer, a trauma-informed mentor and group facilitator, a certified life coach, a project management professional (we're all projects, aren't we?), a Reiki II and NLP Master Practitioner but above all, I’M AN EXPERT IN MY OWN LIFE! Compelled to use my strengths and positivity to empower others with the tools they need to reclaim their brilliance and resilience, the same way I did, through the power of story and motiontaking responsibility and taking action.

Creating roadmaps that inspire personal life strategies to reclaim your personal power and "unstick your stuck" after relationship heartbreak is such a great honour! When I see people embracing change, creating momentum and pursuing their potential – healing themselves forward – I can’t help but feel that I’ve somehow been healed, too.

Over the past 15 years, I have helped hundreds of people from all over the world take back their power, embrace change, create momentum and pursue their potential so you are absolutely in the right place! 


Don't just go through it, grow through it. If heartache is universal, healing should be too.